When the time comes to move most of us try to save money where we can.  The thing to remember when using this method is to know when to spend your money and know when to save your money.   That method usually applies in most situations as well.  So how to know if hiring a mover is worth it or not?

First,  you need to know that if you move yourself you will need a truck.  Most people know that much, but what they do not add to the equation is the insurance, ropes, dollies, blankets, and fuel.  So when you are adding the costs and weighing your options do not forget this!

Next, are you moving across the street or across country?  When moving long distances the cost is usually tied up in the mileage.  So do you want to stress and drive for 10 to 14 hours or is it worth it to pay someone?   That is what you need to consider for this part of the equation is your time and stress worth saving some money?

When you hire movers they generally are trained professionals.  So when your friends or kids help you move remember that they are not.  With that in mind, some of your prized possessions may not  arrive at your new home how they started off on the journey.

With all these variables to consider only you can choose the option that is right for you and your family.  Remember to educate yourself before making decisions either way and good luck with your move!

*Tip: If a restaurant says shoes and shirt required – they mean you need a shirt and shoes to enter!

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