Changing homes with a little one in tow? That’s an adventure in itself! Moving with baby is chaotic enough without throwing an infant into the mix. Between packing up every belonging you own and transitioning to a new space, adding a baby’s needs to the equation can feel overwhelming.

Take a deep breath, parents. This introduction will be your life raft for surviving a move with a baby on board. While there’s no sugarcoating that it will be challenging, having a game plan makes all the difference.

Get ready to learn insider baby-friendly moving advice. From determining what baby gear to purge versus pack, to scheduling around your little one’s schedule, proper preparation is key. You’ll also discover some sanity-saving moving tips for parents with infants.

Babies don’t come with instruction manuals, and neither do moves for infants! But after reading this guide, you’ll be an expert on executing a smooth transition – with your tiny human happily along for the ride.

Let’s get started!

Bundle of Joy Meets Big Move: Family Moving Tips with a Baby

Relocating with a newborn is always a massive undertaking. But when you add a baby to the mix, it becomes an entirely different beast. Your little bundle of joy comes with a whole lot of extra gear, schedules, and needs. That can’t just be tossed haphazardly into boxes. This life event requires careful planning and execution – but don’t panic! We’ve got your back with smart strategies for smooth moving with a baby. Let’s dive in!

Start Early and Stay Organized

As with any major life event, moving preparations for families with babies are key. Don’t wait until the last minute! Several months out, start a running list of every baby item you’ll need to pack and transport. From the obvious like cribs and strollers to easy-to-overlook items like cabinet locks and outlet covers, get it all down.

Then create a separate “Baby Moving Binder” with checklists. Your baby’s medical records, childproofing product manuals, and any other vital info. Keep it all in one place to avoid losing critical papers in the shuffle.

Pare Down the Baby Gear

Babies sure come with a lot of stuff! Take a hard look at bulky furniture, clothes they’ve outgrown, and duplicate items. Be ruthless about purging anything you don’t absolutely need at the new place. The less you move, the easier the transition will be – one of the classic moving and packing hacks for new parents.

Packing Pointers for Baby’s Belongings

Rather than tossing everything into random boxes, pack smart! Use clear plastic bins for toys and clothing so you can easily see the contents. Clearly label all boxes with details like “Nursery: Crib Sheets and Blankets.” Keep daily essentials like pajamas, lovies, and feeding supplies separate in an “Open Me First” box.

Baby’s Routine is King

Babies crave consistency, so do everything possible to adhere to their regular schedule throughout the moving process. Feed, nap, and play times should remain as predictable as possible. This avoids upset and exhaustion. Following these baby-safe moving tips reduces stress.

During nap periods when possible you can plan for:

  • Moving trucks loading/unloading,
  • Elevators use,
  • And other disruptive activities.

If your baby is formula fed, pack plenty of pre-portioned bottles and dry formula or consider switching to ready-to-feed formula temporarily.

Transitioning to Their New Space First

Once you arrive at your new home, get the nursery or baby’s room set up immediately before anything else. Reassemble the crib, lay out familiar bedding, and display their beloved stuffed animals and books. Recreating their usual surroundings and smells goes a long way to easing the transition.

Unpack and install any babyproofing you’ll need right away too, like safety gates, cabinet locks, and outlet covers. You can rest easy knowing your new space is safe and secure.

Baby Care Dream Team

Let’s be real – you can’t do it all yourself! Line up a few family members or trusted friends to be part of your “Baby Keeping Crew.” These people are responsible for holding, feeding, entertaining, and caring for your infant when your hands are tied to moving-related tasks.

Having an extra set (or two!) of hands on deck to pass off the baby as needed saves your sanity. Just make sure to communicate their routine, cues, and comfort preferences ahead of time.

Keep your little one’s needs front and center with these family moving tips with a baby. Congrats on your new home and wishing you a smooth move!

All Hands on Deck for an Effortless Baby Move

There you have it – the tips and tricks for executing a seamless move while keeping your baby’s world anchor steady. From meticulously preparing months in advance to building a nurturing crew for moving day support, you’re ready to knock this transition out of the park.

Of course, every family’s situation is unique. If the thought of orchestrating a move with your little one feels overwhelming, don’t go it alone!

Hire reputable baby-proofers and moving experts like Ready To Move to handle the heavy lifting (literally!). Their know-how ensures your baby stays comfortable and safe throughout this exciting new chapter.


When should I start preparing for a move with an infant?
Start preparations at least 2-3 months in advance. This allows time to declutter, organize, and plan for your baby’s needs.
What baby items should I pack in an "open first" box?

Pack daily essentials like pajamas, favorite toys/blankets, bottles, formula, diapers/wipes in an easily accessible “open me first” box.

How can I make moving day less disruptive for my baby?

Schedule major moving activities like loading/unloading during nap times. Have a baby crew to keep your little one content. Stick to routines as much as possible.

What is the best way to pack baby furniture and gear?

Disassemble large items like cribs and pack hardware/parts securely labeled. Use moving blankets and plastic wrap to protect items.

Should I baby proof before or after the move?

Ideally, baby proof the new home before arrival by installing gates, covers, locks etc. This provides a safe space immediately.