How to make sure that you are using a Legitimate Moving Company

How to make sure that you are using a Legitimate Moving Company

We are all too aware of moving companies reputations.  It seems that the minority are polluting the masses.  Here are a few guidelines so that you won’t look like this when your move is finished:

  • Get References from your mover
  • Check the references – just because they gave you a reference doesn’t mean they are legitimate!
  • Check the BBB to see their rating (it should be at least a B to even consider using the company)
  • Ask for a copy of their cargo and liability insurance
  • Make sure they are licensed in the state and if it is a nationwide move that they are licensed with the FMCSA.
  • Google the company with the keyword reviews to see if you can get testimonials that way
  • Ask for a binding contract based on what was discussed in the estimate.  I know that we hear a lot that the customer was quoted one thing and billed for a much higher price.  Make sure you know the parameters and then get a contract that states them.

These are a few ways to make sure that you are using a legitimate company.  Also, ask how long they are in business and why they started the company.  That is very important, because if it was just for money then you might have a higher price than quoted in the estimate.  Remember to look for someone who loves what they do and you will get the best service from that company!

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Green Moving Tips

Green Moving Tips

Moving to a new home can generate a lot of waste from packing materials and burn a lot of fossil fuels. These simple tips will make short and long-distance moves greener.

All of those cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and gas-guzzling moving vans take a toll on Earth’s natural resources. There are ways, however, to make packing and moving to a new home a more eco-friendly process.

De-clutter Before Moving:
Just before a move is the perfect time to let go of clutter. Purging unwanted items may not seem environmentally friendly, but letting someone else put those used items to good use reduces the waste generated by producing and shipping new goods.

Reducing the number of possessions to be moved, especially for a long-distance move, will also lighten the load on moving day.  Thus saving both fuel and packing materials, and with fewer possessions, a move to a smaller home that requires less energy to heat and cool may be a possibility.

Sell Used Goods:
Getting rid of unwanted and unneeded possessions does not have to mean a trip to the local landfill.   Items in good condition may be taken to a consignment shop or sold through newspaper or Internet-based classified ads, such as Craig’s List.

Make a Tax-Deductible Donation:
One easy way to skim down the number of possessions to be moved is to donate unwanted items to non-profit organizations.  Local libraries will often take books and DVDs. Charity thrift stores will take many items in good condition, including clothes, sporting goods, small and large appliances and even cars. With a receipt from the organization, such donations can be deducted when filing taxes.

Find Free Boxes for Moving:
For items to be moved, good packing materials are a necessity, but buying new cardboard boxes for every move is wasteful and expensive. The cardboard recycling area at the landfill or recycling center may have perfectly good broken down boxes that can be re-used rather than recycled.

Some moving rental companies also offer free used cardboard boxes for moving, provided the boxes are returned to a rental center for someone else to use. Free-cycle and Craig’s List are also good places to look for free packing materials. After moving, these materials can be given away again for someone else to use.

Save Packing Materials:
For renters and others who move often, storing moving boxes and bubble wrap may not be a bad idea. Broken-down boxes can easily be taped up again and re-used for the next move, or for donating items to thrift stores throughout the year. This method not only reduces waste, but also saves the hassle and expense of buying new moving boxes.

Buy Greener Packing Materials:
Sometimes, of course, it’s just not possible to reduce, reuse or recycle. Thankfully, there are more eco-friendly alternatives to nonrenewable, non-biodegradable packing materials like bubble wrap and packing peanuts. These more environmentally friendly materials, made from recycled paper and cardboard, can be purchased from office stores.

Even a cross-town move or a move to a rural area can be made a little greener with thoughtful de-cluttering and packing, by reusing and recycling materials when possible, donating unwanted goods, and buying used and eco-friendly products when necessary.

How to make sure that you are using a Legitimate Moving Company

Moving in the New Year!

We are definitely excited about the New Year at Ready to Move and we are having a great start to the year!

Our New Year’s resolution this year is to move as many customer’s as we can!

It might be bad weather in Middle Georgia, but we are still moving!  Today we are packing up a customer and will load them into storage tomorrow – while they build their dream home!  We love to be apart of our customer’s dreams come true!!!!  We have a move from Atlanta, Ga. to Statesboro, Ga. this week as well as a move from Atlanta, Ga. to Macon.  We will be delivering for Ga. Music this week!  We have a move from Lizella to the great Lullwater Apartment complex!  Love that place it is so gorgeous!!!!  Then we will finish up the week with 3 local moves that will be in the five hour range.  We hope you all stay warm and we will definitely try to check in later for an update on what the Moving man is up to!

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How to make sure that you are using a Legitimate Moving Company

Moving Around the U.S.A.!

I don’t know about you, but I sure am glad to live and move in such a wonderful country.   Our guys have been all over the country this year.  I could tell you to all the places, but then we would be here all night!   I am going to highlight the places we went in December.

Now remember when we were all cooking, shopping and socializing the guys were:

Moving in Sparta, Ga., Columbus, Ga.(twice), Atlanta, Ga. (three times you might have seen them on your way to Lenox), Valdosta, Ga., Milledgeville, Ga., Warrenton, VA., Summerfield, FL.  They also performed 13 (2 hour minimum) moves and 18 (3 hours +) moves in Macon.  Wow-wee!!!

I will keep you updated on what the guys are up to next.  An insiders tip is that they will be headed to Pennsylvania in the morning and won’t be back until Thursday due to a stop in South Carolina on the way back.

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