White glove storage & delivery refers to the logistics division that focuses on ensuring safe handling of the shipment. Although this service is mainly for products that require special care, there are numerous reasons for this practice to be in focus.

White glove gives both the sender and the receiver peace of mind. They can relax knowing the product will reach the destination safely. Some shippers specifically use this service for fragile, costly, and large products.

Ready to Move LLC works with many logistics companies and understands the complete requirements of this process. As one of the best white glove companies, the company’s staff is experienced and professional.

The human touch that completes this process makes this method highly satisfactory. Many clients use the white glove storage & delivery service to enjoy peace of mind during transit. Our residential moving experts fulfilling the white glove delivery services are highly trained and also provide value-added services. This includes installation, assembly as well as the use of other special types of equipment.

Services Included White Glove Storage & Delivery

This specialized category of logistics has added services that simplify the logistics process. The staff and the process make it smooth for all parties involved.

A brief introduction to the services follows:

Protective Packaging:

Logistics services that provide white glove services package products thoroughly. They also use premium packaging materials like styrofoam, bubble wrap, a glass mask, cardboard, wooden crates, and packing peanuts. Further, they ensure protection from moisture and movement during transport.

Delicate Handling:

Packers and shippers involved in transport receive adequate training. This ensures that shipments are safe and reach their destination without damage. Every shipment is meticulously executed by the staff.

Value-added Services:

Services like dismantling, assembly, and unloading at any location are key features of this white glove shipment. They complete all tasks in a timely manner and even assist in removing the old product in case a replacement is necessary.

Timely Response:

Whenever a customer asks a question, the professionals respond promptly. Further, they ensure timely and safe delivery. White glove delivery staff even take feedback to continuously improve their services.


Companies even offer post-site inspections. This is for ensuring that the assembly of the products is done correctly.

Top Reasons For Choosing White Glove Services:

There are many advantages to this service. Starting from safe, hassle-free shipment to high standards of customer satisfaction. There are many companies and individuals who hire this specific transport service to lower stress during transit.

A brief description of the different reasons for choosing white glove storage & delivery services includes –

Outstanding Customer Service:

White glove service ensures customer satisfaction. The key features include scheduled deliveries and a single point of contact. Customers receive proper updates which eliminate guessing about delivery time.

Minimal Damage Chances:

Premium packaging materials as well as temperature and humidity control help ensure safe shipment transit.

Peace Of Mind:

It is common for customers to experience a roller coaster of emotions during the transit period. This is because there are many reasons that can occur wrong. However, white glove service ensures safety and theft protection. Therefore, customers can focus on other things without worrying about transport.

Caring For The Environment:

The process of scheduling deliveries helps to combine multiple deliveries. This helps reduce the environment’s impact. Completion of multiple deliveries in one trip ensures lower environmental pollution.


There is no need to worry about theft, misplacement, and lost shipments. With live tracking, real-time updates, and professional support, shipments are securely delivered. Further, it is possible to check the exact location of the product at any time in the transit process.

A Complete Supply Chain Solution:

Other services such as customs clearance, brokerage, automatic schedules, and inventory management are all part of this premium service.


A premium service that enables safe and secure goods transit. This is imperative for special goods transit. As a result, the customer can enjoy a peaceful time during transit as well. This is because this premium service ensures safe and timely delivery.

Ready To Move is one of the few companies offering premium white glove storage & delivery options. Our company employs professional staff and provides our movers with adequate training. Therefore, there is a very incredibly low chance of damages or delivery delay.


Which services are offered in white glove storage and delivery?
White Glove Storage and Delivery offers the following services:

  • The products’ packaging
  • A quick reaction
  • Added-Value Services
  • Sensitive handling
  • Inspections
What is white glove storage and delivery?
White glove storage and delivery is a specialized logistics service that focuses on safe shipment handling. While it’s commonly used for delicate or fragile items, it’s worthwhile prioritizing this service for many reasons.
Why should you work with a reputable white glove delivery and storage company?

The following are the key justifications for using white glove storage and delivery services:

  • White glove treatment guarantees client satisfaction.
  • They guarantee security and prevent theft.
  • This lessens the impact on the environment.
  • Also, they support the shipment’s safe passage.