This question is usually on the forefront of most women’s minds daily and moving day is no exception.  We will help you figure out what the best outfit for the day of your move.

The first thing to take into consideration is the weather.  So is it hot outside (this is middle GA so most of the time – yes), is it raining, etc.   These simple questions can help you narrow down your selections for the day of the move.

Next, if it is hot then you will want to wear clothing with fabric that is light and airy (dry fit clothing would work nicely).  You also need to think about what sort of role you will be taking on your moving day.   So if you are hiring movers then you will not be as active as you would be if you are not hiring movers.  These things will also be key to helping you find that perfect outfit for the day!  If you will be moving things or rearranging furniture keep in mind that when you are getting dressed – you might want to wear something that you do not mind getting dirty or soiled.

Lastly, wear something that you feel comfortable in for the day of your move.  This is important, because you will be in this for the duration.   If we do not feel comfortable in what we are wearing then that will throw off your whole day; so pick well and you will be glad you did!

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