The day of your move is here and the dreaded rain clouds are above your house.  Should you cancel or continue your move?  This is usually a personal preference and varies with each customer.  There are a few things to take into account before making your decision.

First, does the moving company you hire have blankets or bubble wrap to guard your furniture?  When you have antiques and valuables the day of your move make sure you notify your movers.  The outcome is usually the same with or without the rain clouds, but when in doubt always stay on the cautious side.

Secondly, do the movers have things to put down on your floors to protect your hardwoods, carpet, tile, etc?  You want to make your moving day as stress free as possible; so make sure you don’t have the hassle  of cleaning up a huge mess when the movers leave due to the weather.

Are you moving somewhere that is slick?  If you answered yes then it might be time to consider another move date.  Call your moving company as soon as you know that you want to change the date and they usually will understand and work with you.  If they don’t then you might have chosen the wrong company and might want to hire a different company for your move.

*Tip – Don’t ride with your convertible top down in the rain (This one is for me)!

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