Macon is a bustling logistics hub, shipping over $18 billion in goods each year. However, as one of the largest distribution centres in the Southeast, Macon shippers face challenges finding dependable moving companies to handle their high volumes.

With capacity tightening and increased delays, shippers experience bottlenecks getting freight where it needs to be on time. This really hurts customer satisfaction.

In this post, we’ll provide insider tips for how transportation companies can connect with decision-makers at the major manufacturers, distributors and other volume shippers based in Macon.

Proven Tips To Become A Shipper’s Reliable Moving Company in Macon

Let’s explore some proven strategies that Moving companies can implement in order to partner with shippers in Macon:

Research the Major Shippers Based in Macon.

The first critical step in connecting with shippers is identifying the major companies moving freight in and out of Macon. Who are the top volume shippers that you want to build relationships with? Here is how to find out:

  • Use Datamyne, ImportGenius and Panjiva to identify top shippers. These databases provide actionable intelligence on shipping volumes and more. Look for companies shipping 500+ containers monthly.
  • Search industry directories for lists of manufacturers, distributors and brokers headquartered in Macon. Narrow by annual sales and other filters.
  • Join local chambers of commerce and economic development groups. Check their member directories for major regional companies.
  • Look for news articles on expansions, contracts and developments from major Macon companies. This indicates growth and shipping needs.

Doing thorough research of the top volume shippers in Macon is critical preparation before approaching potential new business. This will allow you to tailor solutions for their needs and volume requirements.

Make Contact With the Key Decision Makers

Once you’ve identified the major shippers in Macon, the next step is contacting the key decision makers that handle logistics and transportation at those companies. Here are some best practices:

  • Ask contacts at the Macon Chamber of Commerce for introductions to logistics managers at target companies. A warm introduction goes a long way.
  • Do your research before meetings. Know their supply chain, lanes, volumes, pain points. Tailor your solution to their needs.
  • Be prepared to discuss how you can improve their specific KPIs – on-time pickup/delivery, claims ratios, customer service metrics, etc.
  • Have a transportation management system demo ready to showcase visibility, ease of booking, and automation capabilities.
  • Offer deals like guaranteed capacity or discounted rates for first-time shippers. Incentivize a trial run.

Securing face time with the right contacts is critical. With preparation and persistence, you can convince key decision makers to give your company a shot at handling their freight.

Focus Pitch On How To Resolve Pain Points

When meeting with potential new shipper accounts, it’s critical to focus your pitch on how you can solve their specific pain points. Here are some tips:

  • Research their supply chain thoroughly to identify likely issues – do they have seasonal spikes or rush orders? Are they expanding into new markets?
  • Ask questions to understand where they struggle most – meeting delivery deadlines? Claims due to damages? Finding capacity on tough lanes?
  • Provide examples of how you’ve developed solutions for other shippers with similar issues:
  • For unpredictable ETAs, showcase your real-time tracking technology, communication protocols and contingency planning.
  • Quantify results from these solutions – increased on-time pickups/deliveries, reduced claims costs, improved customer retention. Use data-driven cases.
  • Offer guarantees like on-time delivery thresholds or maximum claims ratios to back up your ability to address their pain points.

The opportunity is there if you can demonstrate how your specialised services and experience directly alleviate what keeps them up at night. Convince them you’re the best prescription for their supply chain pains.

Join local organisations like the Chamber of Commerce to network with shippers.

In addition to directly contacting shippers, networking through local organisations is a great way to build relationships with potential new accounts.

  • Join groups like the Macon Chamber of Commerce, regional logistics associations, economic development councils, and industry trade organisations.
  • Attend association networking events, mixers, and speaking panels. Come prepared with company materials to share. Collect business cards to follow up.
  • Get involved with associations by speaking on panels, sponsoring events, or joining committees. This raises your profile.
  • Host facility tours or supply chain presentations for associations to showcase expertise.
  • Advertise in association newsletters/websites. This builds visibility among members.

Getting involved locally positions you as an industry thought leader while expanding your network. With a presence at chamber and association events, you can organically build relationships with shipper prospects already in your backyard.

Building A Good Relationship With Shipper Contacts

Landing a new shipper account is just the first step. To become their long-term logistics partner, you need to focus on building a strong relationship after they sign on.

  • Assign them a dedicated account manager to handle all needs and be their main point of contact.
  • Set up quarterly business reviews to discuss volumes, lanes, targets, etc. and address any concerns.
  • Follow up after each shipment with a call or note thanking them for their business. Ask for feedback on how you did.
  • Survey them annually on overall satisfaction and areas for improvement. Incorporate suggestions into your service.
  • Provide high-touch customer service if issues arise. Resolve problems quickly with transparency.
  • Update them proactively on any changes in your network that may impact their lanes or transit times.
  • Look for additional ways to add value, whether warehousing, packaging, or addressing pain points.
  • Reward loyalty with discounts, expanded services, or other incentives for shippers that grow with you.

Going the extra mile transforms transactional relationships into true partnerships. This level of service keeps shippers relying on you for the long haul.

Offer Value- Added Supply Chain Services to make you more appealing to shippers.

In addition to reliable transportation, offering value-added supply chain services makes carriers and brokers a more enticing partner for shippers.

  • Provide warehousing and distribution solutions to handle inventory and order fulfilment on shippers’ behalf. This reduces their overhead.
  • For shippers moving into ecommerce, offer to handle drop shipping. Deliver directly to their customers’ doors from your warehouses.
  • If shippers deal with tight manufacturing schedules, propose just-in-time delivery programs to ensure materials arrive exactly when needed.
  • For shippers with seasonal peaks or temporary spikes in volume, offer overflow transportation and flexible capacity.
  • For shippers with high-value goods, provide security screening, monitoring and bonded storage. Mitigate their risks.
  • If shippers get frequent small orders, offer parcel consolidation services to optimize loads.
  • Recommend in-transit inventory monitoring systems to provide shippers visibility and loss prevention.

The more bundled services you can provide, the more indispensable you become as their logistics partner. Expanding your offerings flexibly to meet shippers’ needs can unlock major new business.


By truly focusing on understanding and solving Macon shippers’ needs, carriers and brokers can become trusted logistics partners that secure consistent freight volumes in this competitive market.

So why should shippers choose Ready to Move LLC as their reliable moving company and partner?

  • With over 15 years serving Macon, we have established relationships with all the major manufacturers and distributors in the area.
  • Our large carrier network allows us to handle all freight types and volumes, even during seasonal peaks. We’ve solved capacity challenges.
  • We invest heavily in our transportation management system technology to provide clients end-to-end visibility, automation, business intelligence and more.
  • Our packaging engineers and dedicated account managers ensure your freight is handled safely, on-time, and with superior communication every step.
  • We offer flexible value-adds like just-in-time delivery, warehousing, parcel consolidation and more to simplify your supply chain.
  • Our expertise in compliance, customs brokerage, and risk mitigation provides peace of mind.

Ready to Move has the connections, capacity and capabilities to be your trusted Macon logistics partner. Contact us today to learn more and get a custom quote tailored to your shipping needs. Our team is ready to help you succeed!


What's the best way to find the top freight shippers in Macon?
Use shipping databases like Panjiva and Import Genius to identify major companies by volume. Check industry directories and local Chamber of Commerce members as well.

How many shippers should I target for direct freight relationships?

We recommend starting with 5-10 of the largest manufacturers, distributors, and 3PLs shipping out of Macon. Focus on big volume before expanding.

What if the Macon shipper we want to partner with has an incumbent provider?

Emphasise how you can improve upon their current service levels and offer better technology, visibility and problem resolution. Pitch a trial.

What types of value-added services appeal most to shippers?

Solutions like just-in-time delivery, warehousing, parcel consolidation and inventory management based on the shipper’s needs and operations.