Tips to Make Moving Easier on Your Dog

Tips to Make Moving Easier on Your Dog

Moving is a stressful time for everyone.  Moving house with a dog can be even more stressful, not to mention moving with a puppy! There are so many things that need to be transferred and updated and not to mention the whole experience is incredibly expensive. However, do not forget those furry members of your family in this process. Dogs are incredibly intuitive and know something is changing in their lives. They are being introduced to a whole host of new smells, sounds, and people. Depending on how anxious your little one is these new types of stimuli, you may need to take even more steps to acclimate them to your new home.  Believe it or not, your pup can suffer from dog anxiety and dog separation anxiety after moving,  You will want to take care to watch for critical signs of stress in a dog and learn how to help a dog adjust to a new family home.


Preparing your Dog for Moving Day:

To best prepare your dog for moving day,  take them to your new home if it is close enough to let them get used to it.  If you have a yard, at your new home, make sure to play in it with them! They will remember that fun experience and associate it with your new home, which will make things much smoother for all involved in your move! If you are moving to an apartment, see if the staff will greet your pup and give them a treat and then head for the nature trail.

If your dog has anxiety, make sure to give them lots of attention and love and if you have an anxiety vest that make sure to use it during your move.


Moving Day Tips for Dogs:

On the day of your move, see if your dog can go to a family member or friend’s house during the actual move. It will make things easier on you and your dog. I remember when our dog, Cooper, got upset while we were moving the first time. He is a very smart and pretty laid back guy, but he thought we were going to leave him too, because our things were disappearing, but he was still in the apartment.

Good luck with your move! We hope you these moving tips to make moving easier on your dog makes life just a bit more comfy for your furry companions.  We hope your family is blessed in your new home and make wonderful new memories!

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Tips for Moving in Cold Weather

Tips for Moving in Cold Weather

Ready To Move LLC Moving Truck in SnowMoving can be stressful, especially if you are not prepared. One of the best ways to help prepare to move in cold weather, is to anticipate things that you will need the day of your move and to make sure that you and your family are comfortable. Comfort is important and you cannot be comfortable if you are wearing the wrong clothing!

Moving in the cold can be hard if you are not wearing the right type of clothing.

First, you need to make sure you leave enough clothes to wear the day of your move. Do not pack up too much clothing – like your jacket! Next, you will want to wear several layers. This will help ensure you have enough clothing, but you can remove and add as your warmth fluctuates.

If it is snowing where you are moving from or to make sure that the walk areas are cleared so that you and your movers can get to the house. Also, place down safety mats if the area is slippery!

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