Unfortunately, there are moving companies that  take advantage of their customers by stealing their money.  We are going to help you make sure that you are not the next victim of one of these rogue companies!  Here are a few steps you can take to assure that this will not happen to you:

  • Ask about the company’s payment policy.  If the company states that they need the entire amount up front then do not use that company!  It is illegal in the state of Georgia to require the entire amount up front  (It makes you wonder what else the company might be doing that is illegal).
  • Always play it safe when you are dealing with your family’s possessions.  This seems like common sense, but sometimes we ignore what is in front of us!
  • Go with a reputable company.  Ask around and check out the BBB.

A moving company should require half down when the furniture is loaded and the other half should be remitted when the company is finished loading in the new residence.  We have heard so many horror stories about illegitimate moving companies –ask questions, play it smart and you will not be next!