Hey Everyone,

We are excited to post our first blog! We appreciate all the support that our customers have shown us and hope to keep connected through ways like these.
Well as you know the moving season is slowing down, even though people are always moving school is back in and so it is not as hectic as in the summer. Here is a run down of what we have going on today: We have two moving crews: The first crew- has a flat rate six hour move and then is picking up a grand piano to take back to Georgia Music, Our second crew- has 2 moves (both 4 to 6 hour moves) and then has an antique move.

We are keeping our movers busy and we will keep you updated on how it goes! We are also excited, because we purchased some new moving gear : a refrigerator cover, 2 new dolly covers, and two entry way door covers! Good to know our guys are putting them to use today!