The day after Thanksgiving is known for recovering from all the food you consumed and shopping!  So while most of you are trying to recover from all that Turkey; our guys are working it off.   You must be thinking how could they move after such a feast?  They are state of the art movers  that is how!  Nothing comes between a mover and a piece of furniture.  Now that we have that cleared up; here is there itinerary for the day:

8:00 – get to the office

8:10 – get fuel

8:20 – head to the customer’s house (Perry, Ga.)

9:00 – Meet and Greet with the customer

9:10 – walk through

9:20 – start the packing process

* This is what a typical morning for a mover is like!

Now the fun begins and we will get the customer taken care of so that they can move to their dream location!  The American dream in process and we are so glad that we can help them on their way to it!

*Tip of the day – Don’t run with scissors.

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