As we all know it gets hot in the summer months especially in the South!  So you need to move and it is 100 degrees outside – now what?  We will help you stay dry and cool with these easy moving tips for the summer:

  • Drink lots of fluids:  This will help you keep your body temperature cooler and sweat less
  • Try to keep your power on at your old residence and on at your new residence:  This will help ensure a cool load and unloading situation.
  • Keep children and pets indoors as much as possible:  Dogs and cats can also have heat strokes; so do not forget about your furry friend on the day of you move!
  • Try to move earlier in the day if you can:  This will be a coolest time of day to move.
  • Wear light breathable clothing
  • Take breaks when necessary
  • Ice Cream is always helpful to cool down!
  • Call us to help you move and you can relax as we sweat for you!

We hope these helped and we wish you the best of luck this summer!  Don’t forget to friend us on Facebook and check out our website at

*Tip – drive on the right side of the road unless in Europe!