So last week we talked about the moving season starting it’s engine!  The first step to moving is to scout out a new place.  Today we are going to give you somethings to think about before taking the plunge (whether your signing a lease or a mortgage).

First, make sure that you like the location the potential residence.  If you have children make sure that it is in a good school district.  Even if you send them to private right now you may need to put them into public later and it is better to be safe.

Second, make sure that you like the community that you are moving into.  This is especially important if you have children and/or like to be highly involved.    A good way to meet new people when moving to different cities or states is by joining local clubs.

If you want to fix up the house you are moving into – make sure that what you want to put into the renovations will not make you higher than the comps in that area.  This applies most of the time; unless you want to stay at that house for the duration.

We hope that this helped and as always we hope that your move is successful and a happy one!

*Green Tip – caulk around your windows to give them better insulation.

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