Moving is stressful enough with the planning, packing, and the actual moving process without adding kids into the mix.  So how do you make a move with kids easier on you as well as them?  Here are a few steps that you can take to ensure that this can happen:

  • Explain to the kids what is happening and why
  • Let them know that everything will be okay and you love them
  • Help them get excited about the move by picking out something for them to focus on, for ex. decorating their awesome new room!
  • Let them be sentimental about their favorite things in or around the house
  • Make a scrapbook for the old house and then it can be a continued project for them to work on things they love about the new house
  • Have a going away party for them to say goodbye to the neighborhood and friends
  • If it is a local move see if they can stay with grandparents or family friends during the actual move
  • When they see their new home make sure it is a first positive experience for them

We hope these tips helped and as always we are here “to help take the stress out of your move”!

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