We are all too aware of moving companies reputations.  It seems that the minority are polluting the masses.  Here are a few guidelines so that you won’t look like this when your move is finished:

  • Get References from your mover
  • Check the references – just because they gave you a reference doesn’t mean they are legitimate!
  • Check the BBB to see their rating (it should be at least a B to even consider using the company)
  • Ask for a copy of their cargo and liability insurance
  • Make sure they are licensed in the state and if it is a nationwide move that they are licensed with the FMCSA.
  • Google the company with the keyword reviews to see if you can get testimonials that way
  • Ask for a binding contract based on what was discussed in the estimate.  I know that we hear a lot that the customer was quoted one thing and billed for a much higher price.  Make sure you know the parameters and then get a contract that states them.

These are a few ways to make sure that you are using a legitimate company.  Also, ask how long they are in business and why they started the company.  That is very important, because if it was just for money then you might have a higher price than quoted in the estimate.  Remember to look for someone who loves what they do and you will get the best service from that company!

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*Tip – Don’t text and drive!