What Thanksgiving Hangover?

The day after Thanksgiving is known for recovering from all the food you consumed and shopping!  So while most of you are trying to recover from all that Turkey; our guys are working it off.   You must be thinking how could they move after such a feast?  They are state of the art movers  that is how!  Nothing comes between a mover and a piece of furniture.  Now that we have that cleared up; here is there itinerary for the day:

8:00 – get to the office

8:10 – get fuel

8:20 – head to the customer’s house (Perry, Ga.)

9:00 – Meet and Greet with the customer

9:10 – walk through

9:20 – start the packing process

* This is what a typical morning for a mover is like!

Now the fun begins and we will get the customer taken care of so that they can move to their dream location!  The American dream in process and we are so glad that we can help them on their way to it!

*Tip of the day – Don’t run with scissors.

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What to Expect on your Moving Day

What to Expect on Moving Day

If you have chosen to utilize our packing service, a team will arrive to pack your items. The movers work quickly and methodically to group items together for packing, and will use several types of boxes to do so. There are specialty cartons for hanging clothes, dishes along with other breakables, and for artwork which includes large mirrors. Square boxes can usually accommodate most other packable items. The packing team will discuss existing item damage with you, and flag any items that are damaged prior to the move. The team then marks all boxes with room and closet names so that they can be put in the right places at the destination.

It is now time for your move!   Our team will start with the mattresses and large items.  Then from there they will meticulously pack the truck in an efficient manner. We will carry all boxes and items out of the house, and load them on the truck.  All furniture pieces will be blanketed and or shrink wrapped; specialty items will be handled with the utmost of care.  Most of the time, this team also transports the items to the destination home, especially if it is a local move. In 99% of cases, the same people that loaded your furniture will be the same people that unload.

If you require storage your items and boxes will be transported to the storage facility.  Your belongings will remain there until your next moving day; when they will be loaded back onto a truck. We will make sure that all of your items and boxes are in the correct areas and rooms, and that anything that was taken apart during packing is reassembled and placed correctly.  We can also hang your pictures, unpack your boxes, and place your decorations out for you.  “We want to take out the stress of your move!”

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Moving in a blustery fall day!

Moving in a blustery fall day!

The weather may not be ideal outside, but our movers are chugging full steam ahead.  The guys are always on the go and they endure all types of weather.  So feel confident if the weather isn’t ideal the day of your move that they can handle it!

We have two crews going today:

The first crew, consists of four guys, and is moving a 4 bedroom house from Macon to Warner Robins.  The second crew, has 3 guys, and they are moving a grand piano today and swapping it with another piano.

We are excited about our newsletter coming out a week from next Tuesday , the 16th, the article in the upcoming newsletter will be “What to expect the day of your move”.  It should be very informative for those who are moving soon, but it will definitely benefit everyone!

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