On the road again!

On the road again!






The guys loaded up our move today that is going to Santa Rosa, California. I would say that the destination moves are definitely considered perks by our movers. How cool is it to have an expense paid trip to California? Yes they will have to work out for a few hours, but that just helps them prepare for when they hit the beach later that day! I know they won’t have to worry about ugly weather where they are going.

Have a great day and try not to blow away!

Check in on us soon,

Ready to Move

The history of how Ready to Move came to be!

Ready to Move, L.L.C. Ready to Move was started back in 2005 with a vision and a small ad in the Penny Pincher. We have definitely come a long way from that and we count our blessings each day. We are proud to say that Ready to Move is one of the few locally owned licensed nationwide movers! We have had great success in the 5 years that we have been open; which we like to think it is our belief in great customer service and hard work. We have been around the country providing services to our middle Georgia area and we are honored to be given the opportunity. We hold the delivery contracts currently for Ga. Music and Aunt Zelda’s and also have some contracts with logistic companies to do deliveries within our area as well. We have some really great guys on our team. Our employees have 16 years of experience in the moving industry. It is very reassuring to know that you can count on your employees and that they will do what is right and do it efficiently. A great company cannot run without great employees. We try to take care of ours, because they take such great care of us! We hope to see a lot of growth in our future. We definitely want to have other locations through the country – maybe even a franchise. We know that the way to get there is by making sure that our customers, like you, stay happy and tell lots of their friends how happy we made them! We provide a variety of services and would love for you to visit our website at www.taylorfamilycompanies.com to learn more.

A Mover’s Thursday

Hey Everyone! The week is abruptly coming to an end and we will enlighten you whats going on in the moving world. We are excited to have published our second newsletter on Tuesday. Here is a link in case you missed it:


The guys are moving jewelry cases for a local jewelry store today from the old mall to the new mall. About time forever diamonds – LOL! I love this store it is where we buy all our jewelry from and recommend it to everyone.

We are doing a move for an apartment complex office moving one of their residents. We do several moves for them and appreciate their business.

On the delivery side of the business we are delivering a piano in Warner Robins and doing a logistics delivery to Eatonton, Ga. We are a medicare approved delivery agent for uscoot chairs!

Thanks for checking out our blog and we will talk to you soon!

Monday morning again!

Well the inevitable has happened it is Monday again!  Some of the movers had the day off yesterday (3 didn’t).  We had a short notice move come up and had to have someone out by 8 this morning.  Two of the guys are completing that pack and move as we speak (unloading into our storage unit).  Our other movers are on a three man move in Forsyth, Ga. this morning.

It’s Monday night football tonight so I hope the guys will get finished in time for the fun.  Don’t fret Friday will be here before you know it and we will keep you entertained until then! Have a great day!

A Mover’s Saturday

Hey Everyone! While most people are watching football on Espn our guys are on the go. Maybe they can watch some football tonight if we don’t book anything else! They have a move from Valdosta, Ga. to Atlanta, Ga. They will also be making a stop in Snellville, Ga. to off load somethings into storage.

Honk if you see the guys for encouragement and we will talk to you on Monday!